Add custom CSS to your Moodle theme.

I’m just getting set up for a fringe session as part of JISC’s Discover-e 2013 called “The V Factor”. The session is going to be looking at how to give Moodle a bit more of a wow factor and in the first section I will be talking about how to add some custom CSS to your themes.

I thought I would post up a few resources for anyone who would like to take a look and maybe try this themselves. Remember that in order to do any of this you will need access to the Moodle folder on your web server as well as an admin account. Make sure you back up any files you edit as this can save any headaches.

You’ll need a plain text editor like Notepad++

My AutoHide CSS file for cleaning up editing mode.

My new Crumbs CSS file for polishing up the navigation breadcrumbs

You can follow the process on this video tutorial.


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