Making Moodle’s forms less intimidating.

Forms in Moodle have always been a bit lacklustre. Whenever I am training staff on how to use them I have to admit that the forms “look scary but are mostly irrelevant” when adding new modules or editing course settings. Gladly this is all set to change with the upgrade to Moodle 2.5.

For those of you who haven’t looked into this too closely I should explain that Moodle uses a class called MForm to make it really easy to build forms in Moodle. These forms are then rendered in a pretty standardised way. In Moodle 2.5 these forms have been streamlined to hide the superfluous settings within an expandable tab by default

I had been looking at the possibility of writing a YUI module to take these mform pages and give them a tabbed format which highlights sections with required fields. But with these improvements it may be possible to do this with just CSS.

I will keep posting about my progress, but it occurs that there are a few difficulties which I am going to have to think about fairly carefully:

  1. MForms are not used everywhere that you would expect. For example when editing the settings on the front page of Moodle I was suprised to find that it presents itself without any fieldsets and without the standard mform classes.
  2. MForms are used where you wouldn’t expect. Right the way through the course import process the pages are dynamic mforms in two columns making the styling look slightly out of place.
  3. Not all required fields are required. By which I mean that you can create a completely useless instance of the “File” resource, but really we want the attached file to be highlighted to the user as a priority. Somehow this has been overcome in the new version of Moodle, but I’m not sure how dependable that is.

Hopefully I will be able to come up with a non-invasive solution for tabbed forms in Moodle!

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